Tom Sachs Rocket Factory

Astronaut S/N: 2021.192.035, 2021.192.466

July changed my life forever – Tom Sachs launched his genesis NFT collection: the Test Flight Crew patches for the Rocket Factory. These patches were free to buy, just pay gas – what we didn’t know is that they would allow us early access to mint our rocket components in the next step. I was lucky enough to mint 3 components on mint day, sell and trade my way into a rocket – a “perfect” Campbell’s Soup rocket, all components of the same brand. A week after components dropped, the Factory unlocked the building process and I assembled my rocket. “What the Deuce?” was built on 8/8, as the 36th rocket.

We Think, We Become

In our Rocket Factory, we build Rockets.

Launching What the Deuce

on Governor’s Island

Eleven days before the first scheduled launch on August 28th, the Factory announced a contest to help them select the first 10 rockets to be launched. As we understand it, this was the first NFT -> “Meat Space” project, and the first NFT project to launch real rockets. I applied, and for some combination of reasons I was accepted on the last day. I had already ordered plane tickets for my girlfriend and me, but this made the tripĀ that much more exciting. We flew to NYC, drank our sponsored Budweiser, and enjoyed the company of the Rocket Factory team and audience. I was even able to meet some of my Wear Tester friends in person!

Community Streetscum

to CAPCOM intern

Being a studio cultist has its perks. With the massive influx of people into the Discord server, the studio team looked to promote community members to moderator positions – as you might have guessed, I applied and was accepted! There are 8 CAPCOM team members. Capsule communications – the team that relays information from Mission Control to the Astronauts in space. A hand selected group (mainly wear testers!), we are tasked with normal community leadership responsibilities, making memes for the Factory, streamlining weekly AMAs on Discord, and anything else they can think of. The Factory has been extremely gracious and delivered 3 MOD COLOR components to each mod – a Skippy, Brian, and Cup Noodles component since they noticed no other frankenrockets had been assembled with those brands. We were even given a shout out in the (ATOW) latest Medium article! “Pull Yourself Together” was minted October 26th, out of my gifted pieces. I will update this page when I get to launch that one :)