STAMPS. That’s it.

That’s the tweet.

If you know me, you know I am not an artist in the traditional sense – I did not go to school for it, I don’t practice regularly, and I have no statement. If you know me well enough, you understand how much I love art and want to¬†do art, it’s just harder for me.

For instance, 3D art seems to make more sense to me, visually and practically. I’m really not good at drawing and painting, but sculpture and additive/subtractive methods come easier. Sure, are stamps really 3D – not on paper, but carving the stamp to me seemed easier than drawing anything on paper. If you really want to nerd it up, these stamps also represent to me, a sort of automation that you get from printing something over and over.

Anyway, enjoy my stamp collection!

My Favorite Hip-Hop Artists

And Some Of Their Logos

I have my friend Griffin to thank for introducing me to most of those artists. It took until our senior year humanities class at duPont Manual, but my music taste was changed for life. Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Kanye West, Outkast, Madlib (pseud. Quasimoto, depicted as Lord Quas), MF DOOM, and the Wu-Tang Clan.
After I finished cutting out those stamps, I played around with some other images and some text. What would be the first one to try? NASA WORM. You won’t believe how many things I have already stamped with the NASA logo. Poorly drawn lines, meet poorly stamped bird. My last name – for signatures maybe? #BlackLivesMatter – because it’s necessary. A larger, more detailed DOOM mask for printing on a t-shirt. Pardon the vulgarity, but it is from an episode of IASIP – a bitch stamp.

Other Musings And Practice

What’s Next, Stamps on Clothing?


You know that’s kind of it. No repo to send you to here, just some stamps if you like looking at them. I’ll be adding more to this page as I make them. If you’re feeling adventurous, send me a message about a stamp you want to see and, I don’t know, maybe I’ll make one.