Functional Sculpture:

CS:GO C4 Objective (for airsoft goofin’)

So the dome was apparently just the starting point in a new appreciation for art and sculpture. On a Thursday a couple weeks before writing this post, one of my friends rallied the small group up for a socially distant game of airsoft in the back yard. I knew we were likely going to have the numbers for a game of 3-on-3, or 4-on-4 and I really wanted to make an objective to play like CTF.

It dawned on me that everybody in the group but one plays CS:GO, so I thought why not make a fake C4 for one team to plant, and the other team defuse? I still had plenty of cardboard left over from the dome and plenty of little Arduino parts to play around with… So I built a little sculpture for my friends and I to play with.

I'd say computer games can be inspiring

I've also been watching a lot of Adam Savage, and wanted to make some props of my own