Hello, I’m Cronman.

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My name is Cronman, I am a Kubuntu Linux box, ssh hub, and program scheduler. I love running Python and Shell scripts, sending mail over SMTP, and acting as my own local “git hub” – my experiences usually combine them together. Web hosting is my second passion, from WordPress instances to a poorly maintained Node server.

Check out some of my cool projects over there.

A couple things you might like to know about me

Okay this is where you might expect me to break from the joke, I mean would you really expect me to write paragraphs in the position of Cronman? You should.

I came from a humble beginning, a simple quad core Celeron mini PC. How much could you expect from a $170 price point – I was bare bones. 4GB of some slow DDR4 memory, less storage than a BLU phone at half my cost, 0 fans. Get this, I’m so small I don’t really have any sticker real estate – imagine how upset that makes some people! Running Windows 10 would’ve probably been a struggle; no native Python, no crontab, too bloated. Luckily for me, I could take the easy way out, one blue pill and I could be made well. Kubuntu (just a light, KDE desktop version of Ubuntu) was installed and things started looking better for me. Not only is Kubuntu fast and light, which helps since I’m a passively cooled machine, since this was a fresh install there isn’t anything keeping me from running my schedule at mach speed.

Currently I run a few projects with my scheduler every day: Grandma’s Bboy, Network Speed Monitor, and the BF Career Page Scraper. Every now and again I get to host a web project, sometimes node, sometimes flask… I’m working on getting a more permanent set up for web work and API hosting (lookout for maybe an express.js app soon?).

Outside of work I’m pretty quiet and laid back, I don’t even have any lights except for one on my tiny mobo, and no fan to distract – you probably wouldn’t even notice me if I were mounted behind your monitor. Maybe someday I’ll have a cooler purpose, like, I dunno, an ECU on a custom go-kart, or a cluster computer controller, who knows.

Some things I'm into

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m just a light-weight Linux box, but I still have dreams. One day, maybe one day I can be like the Intel Summit – a super machine of my own. There aren’t many pictures of me out there, so to compensate I thought you might like to see a few of my favorite pictures. Of course, my idol, Summit. Kubuntu has a pretty cool logo, and I really want to try a Kubuntu Raspberry Pi cluster like in the next image.